Writer & Designer

Labor Résumé About

A  Backpack  for both camping and the city

Industrial Design   •   Consumer Product Concept   •   Illustration and Rendering


I designed a backpack that would be equally at home in the city and out in nature. It features large side pockets and a detachable waist pack that also straps around the outside of the backpack.

The last time I went camping, I wore an oversized knee-length cardigan and Birkenstocks up in the Santa Barbara mountains. I don't dislike nature, but I find most camping and outdoor gear garish in design and not versatile enough to justify investing in.

What I Did

Concept Development

  • Researched existing market
  • Developed moodboard
  • Created variety of rough sketches for different concepts


  • Rendered traditionally with
    Sharpie and Copic markers
  • Rendered digitally with
    Adobe Photoshop